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Automated MLST annotation

Today we added automated Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) to One Codex. MLST is a powerful epidemiological tool that is based on curated collections of conserved mutations in core marker genes. This common reference standard is used to differentiate closely-related isolates of the same species, with many common species having hundreds or thousands of defined MLST profiles. Datasets that are identified as being isolates or single-genome assemblies will be automatically analyzed and tagged with the detected ST label.

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Sample comparison tool

Today we’re launching our new sample comparison tool on the One Codex Beta Platform. The tool enables quick selection and comparison of any of your samples and displays the abundance of taxonomic groups in each sample as a stacked bar graph: The comparison view supports large side-by-side comparisons, viewing data at a particular taxonomic level and/or abundance, filtering to specific clades, and relative vs. absolute scaling modes. See an example and try out the tool here

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