A complete platform for microbial genome management

Assemble, annotate, organize, and explore your digital strain bank with the new Genome Library™ from One Codex. Protect your organization’s genomic data and identify your most relevant and promising assets in seconds.


Fully automated, version-controlled microbial genome assembly compatible with Illumina, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore, or a hybrid combination short and long read data.


Use our automated genome annotation characterize your microbial assets and identify regions of interest such as coding sequences, AMR genes, mobile elements, and more.


Identify and authenticate organisms of interest by the genes they contain, strain-associated metadata, or similarity-based nucleotide sequence search.

A comprehensive genomic toolkit for your organization’s strain library

Universal genome assembly engine

The Genome Library includes a revolutionary automated genome assembly engine, which automatically generates high quality genome assemblies across a wide range of organisms and sequencing types. And with hybrid sequencing data, generate closed and circularized assemblies at scale with no hands-on time required.

Our genome assembly pipelines have been developed and validated on the more than 3,000 microbial genomes assemblies that make up the ATCC Genome Portal.

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A single source of truth

Store annotated, version-controlled genome assemblies with comprehensive, user-defined genome metadata. Easily add or import custom metadata using the UI or API to create a single source of truth - your organization’s digital strain bank.

Find and discover new assets

Search for organisms with unprecedented power and speed. Find organisms of interest by:

  • Taxonomic name
  • Custom genome-associated metadata
  • Genomic features and annotations
  • Relatedness and phylogeny
  • Nucleotide sequence
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