Complete gut microbiome sequencing

Go from stool sample to results with sample preparation, whole genome sequencing, and bioinformatics optimized specifically for the gut microbiome. Our fast turnaround time and intuitive analysis will make your study easy.

Reliable, reproducible results

From highly automated sample prep to integrated controls, our lab process accurately captures the microbial diversity of your samples.

Interact with your data

Our intuitive analysis platform makes it easy to quickly explore and visualize your metagenomics data.

Accelerate your research

With the industry's fastest turnaround time, your research will never be on pause waiting for results.

Streamlined microbiome analysis from trusted experts

Our Process

From fast turnaround time to our world-class microbial reference database, we set your microbiome research up for success. We’ve carefully optimized our extraction and library prep to ensure consistent, accurate results. Shallow shotgun sequencing delivers high quality data that enables species and strain level taxonomic resolution. Finally, your results are available in our easy to use analysis platform for exploration.

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Bioinformatics Platform

We make it easier to solve problems in biology through genomics. Our advanced algorithms and curated database provide the most accurate picture of complex metagenomic samples. Our platform puts insights within your reach by giving structure to complex datasets in an intuitive web-based interface accessible to both bench scientists and computational biologists. Let us handle the data management so you can focus on the science.

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