One Codex and its partners provide sequencing and easy-to-use kit products for a range of end-to-end workflows.

4bases CE-IVD Microbiome Profiling Kits (EU only)

Validated library preparation reagents for full-length 16S, 18S, ITS and shotgun metagenomics.

  • Simple protocol from sample-to-answer in <24hrs for targeted microbiome and mycobiome profiling
  • Detect low abundance targets in complex mixtures with a long-read approach
  • Integrated bioinformatic analysis and reporting powered by One Codex for rapid clinical answers

ATCC Microbiome Standards

Positive controls with a standardized scorecard analysis

  • Microbial communities of known composition
  • Available as whole cell or gDNA mixtures
  • Process or run controls for evaluating bias

Twist Viral Research Panels

Viral detection and sequencing in one assay, bundled with automated analysis. Target enrichment cuts through the background to resolve strain variation.

  • Detect more than 3,000 human and animal-associated viral pathogens
  • Analyze your targeted enrichment panel results quickly and easily
  • Detect, compute consensus and visualize alignments
  • Collaborate with intuitive reports and powerful sharing features