Sequencing + Kits

One Codex and its partners provide sequencing and easy-to-use kit products for a range of end-to-end workflows.

Shotgun Sequencing

Shallow, cost-effective whole metagenome sequencing

  • Integrated controls with linked analysis
  • Species and strain-level resolution
  • Automated analysis on the One Codex platform

ATCC Microbiome Standards

Positive controls with a standardized scorecard analysis

  • Microbial communities of known composition
  • Available as whole cell or gDNA mixtures
  • Process or run controls for evaluating bias

Rapid and accurate viral metagenomics

Simplify your analysis of pan-viral data with a comprehensive viral metagenomics workflow on the One Codex platform. Upload your sequencing data and see results in your web browser in minutes.

  • Culture-free detection of over 800 viral targets
  • Analyze viral metagenomics data easily
  • Streamline your viral metagenomics workflow