A data platform for microbiome discovery and characterization

Shine a light on the dark matter in your samples with high-resolution microbiome sequencing and the fast, easy to use One Codex data platform

Accelerate your microbiome discovery workflows

One Codex combines a flexible microbiome sequencing service with a powerful data platform to help you get answers to your most important research questions more quickly than ever before.

  • Industry-leading Turnaround Time · Automated accessioning and DNA extraction, signficant sequencing capacity, and integrated analysis means One Codex can deliver results in as little as 2-4 weeks
  • Flexible batching · With low minimum batch sizes, you can send samples for sequencing as soon as they're collected instead of waiting to accumulate larger batches

Ensure reproducibility and facilitate translation

Reproducibility is one of the most acute challenges of translating microbiome discoveries from a research setting to a clinical trial. One Codex was designed and built specifically to provide highly reproducible results at every stage of development.

Explore your samples and validate your bioinformatics assay during the early phases of research and discovery. When you're ready to move to clinical trials, One Codex can lock the exact version of the analysis you've validated to guarantee reproducibility throughout clinical translation.

  • Private strain detection · The One Codex platform can be easily extended to identify the unique genomic signatures of your specific, proprietary strains
  • Minimal batch effects · Validated extraction and library prep SOPs are designed to mitigate batch effects by minimizing technical variation
  • Reproducible analysis · The One Codex platform provides strong reproducibility guarantees with strict versioning and the ability to easily travel through time to different analysis versions

Share and collaborate with the leading microbiome data platform

The One Codex platform gives you powerful tools to securely share your analyses and results with colleagues and collaborators. Control exactly who has access to what data, without restricting your team's ability to seek out their own answers to their own research questions.