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One Codex Achieves Highest Overall Score in precisionFDA CFSAN Challenge 🥇

Identifying specific strains and mixtures of strains in complex metagenomic samples is a key challenge in epidemiology, environmental microbiology, and live biotherapeutics development (LBPs). We’ve long been working on this problem and are excited to announce that our in-house strain-calling pipeline recently achieved the highest overall score in the precisionFDA CFSAN Pathogen Detection Challenge. We’re still continuing to hone and test several approaches, but are excited to see that each performed extremely well across the 25+ submissions:

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Academic Study Data Shows One Codex’s Superior Performance for Metagenomic Analysis

When analyzing microbiome data, it’s very important to know that you are detecting the microbes that are truly present and that the predicted abundances are accurate.1 However, it can be a lot of work to test and validate microbiome analysis tools across a wide range of conditions. We are very grateful to a group of academic researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, UC-Riverside, IBM, University of Vermont, HudsonAlpha, & Drexel University who performed those evaluations and contributed them to the community.

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