Rapid and accurate viral metagenomics

Simplify your analysis of pan-viral data with a comprehensive viral metagenomics workflow on the One Codex platform. Upload your sequencing data and see results in your web browser in minutes.

Perform culture-free detection for over 800 DNA and RNA viral targets with a single test

The One Codex viral metagenomics platform analyzes data for the Pan-Viral application, a cuture-free, hybrid capture enrichment workflow performed on Illumina benchtop systems.

The Pan Viral panel application is available through Illumina and Twist Bioscience.

Analyze viral metagenomics data easily with One Codex

After uploading your data to our one-click viral metagenomics analysis platform, One Codex automatically performs accurate identification of sample sequences against a well-curated database of viral reference genomes in minutes.