One Codex has a new partner: 4bases!

We are excited to announce that One Codex is launching a new partnership with 4bases! 4bases is a Swiss based company with an aim to address unmet medical needs in precision medicine, with clinically-validated and cost-effective solutions for healthcare professionals. One Codex’s mission to enable translational applications of metagenomics and microbiome science strongly aligns with this aim. Notably, this partnership expands One Codex’s reach to European researchers and clinicians.

4bases offers a range of panels for diagnostic genetic testing, including CE-IVD products. The use of long-read sequencing along with 4bases simplified protocols for targeted microbiome and mycobiome profiling allows for enhanced identification of low-abundant microbes. Coupled with One Codex’s sensitive, specific and speedy analyses using our extensively benchmarked database and algorithms, clinicians in Europe now have access to a complete solution for microbiome analysis (for targeted loci such as 16S, 18S, ITS, and more).

Click here to learn more about this partnership. Find out more about this solution, including how to order, here!

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