Drag & Drop Your Paired-End Sequencing Data

We heard you! One Codex’s most-requested feature is here. You can now upload your paired-end sequencing data straight from your web browser, and get started with your microbiome analysis faster than ever.

Upload from Your Web Browser

While One Codex previously supported automatic detection of paired-end data via our command-line client, we recognize that process wasn’t as easy as it could be. Now you can just drag and drop your data to get started!

Drag all your files into One Codex and we’ll automatically detect and pair them for you. Yes, it’s that simple! No more duplicate samples, separate R1 and R2 results, or need to fire up your command line.

This new feature makes it simpler and faster to get answers with One Codex. Give it a try now!

Stay Tuned for More New Features 🎁

Your time is valuable and we’re working hard on new features to make your experience better. Check back soon!

If you have any feedback or ideas for One Codex, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at hello@onecodex.com.

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